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Hi, and thank you for visiting to Northdale Towing Service! We offer towing and roadside assistance in the Northdale area. Please feel free to use any of the information provided on this website to assist you with your towing needs. We are available 24/7 to help you get back on the road quickly and safely. Our technicians are highly trained to provide excellent service at competitive prices. If you need towing to or from anywhere in the Northdale area, give us a call!

​This website has been designed to provide information on our towing and roadside assistance services. Our primary focus is on towing vehicles to the nearest repair shop or destination of choice for customers throughout Northdale, such as near-by parking lots for towing to storage facilities.

We currently accept cash, credit card and now online transfers (Zelle, CashApp, etc.). With this last option, getting your vehicle towed is now as simple as just calling for service and waiting for it to arrive - the payment is easy.

Your 'Tow Truck Near Me'

"I was stuck by the side of a quiet local road, on my way to visit some friends. I had to use the bathroom and stopped to go at a gas station, but as I drove away from it something went wrong with my car. Luckily, I had enough time to call for help before it got too dark outside. I called Northdale Towing Service and the operator told me that help was on its way. They arrived within 30 minutes and got me back to my place and towed my car to a shop. Thanks guys!"

​These kinds of stories are all too common. You head out to run to the store, to visit a friend or to go to work and you get stranded by the side of the road and are forced to call out a tow truck. Northdale Towing Service offers a simple solution to this problem - we'll come to your location and tow your car to wherever it needs to be taken care of, and we'll make sure you're taken care too.


We can run a basic engine diagnostics test on your vehicle


We'll tow your vehicle wherever you need it to go


We can get you back into your car if your key's inside


Let us change your flat tire for the spare or bring you to a shop

Professional Towing of Northdale Towing Service

Passenger Vehicle &  Commercial  Vehicle Towing

The towing service industry in Northdale represents a substantial portion of the local economy. There are over twenty towing service companies to choose from in the extended area, and they all promise to be at your location within the hour. However, as the best towing service in town.

We constantly strive to be fast and efficient and make sure we leave our customers satisfied.

Northdale Towing Service will get to you quickly to give you a helping hand whenever you're stuck by the side of the road or require roadside assistance.

Our experienced team can tow, load, transport or even fix what's broken with your car to get you back on the road to your destination within a matter of hours.

With over twenty years towing experience, you can always count on us to be prompt and get to you in under an hour. We have been to all parts of town and are familiar with the more out-of-the-way locations. With a fleet of fully equipped trucks at our disposal, we can handle anything from a simple tow to a complex transport job between cities. You'll never be up a creek without a paddle when Northdale Towing Service is around to help you out of your predicament!

​We understand that there are many tow truck companies to choose from in Northdale and that our customers want someone who is reliable and experienced in the business to come to their assistance as soon as possible. Despite towing being our main service, we don't just to help you get back to your address and out of trouble: we can also fix your car to keep it in tip-top condition before sending it on the road again.

We're upfront about all of our rates and charges to ensure that you know exactly what to expect when we arrive to save you any surprises once we've arrived to give you a helping hand. We'll rescue you from whatever is keeping your vehicle stuck by the side of the road so contact us for roadside assistance today!

Outstanding Professional Towing Service In Florida

Northdale Towing Service has built up an outstanding reputation over the years. We are known to provide excellent customer service, great quality of work and fast response times. Many people would recommend us to anyone who needs car towing services for whatever reason it might be.

People rely on Northdale Towing Service when they need their vehicle towed away because they can trust them to provide excellence in all aspects of the job. When one of our customers calls for help, we always respond quickly and professionally making sure that everything goes smoothly from beginning to end so that they can restore their problem back to normal.

Auto Wrecker Service, Vehicle Lockouts & Tire Changes

Our towing service has been recognized in the community for being reliable and trustworthy to offer towing services to everyone from anywhere whenever they need them, no matter what time of day it is.

We have a great reputation with our customers because we make sure to communicate with them before, during and after a towing job to make sure that they are comfortable and know exactly what to expect from us.

We give clear explanations of how things work when you call on us for help so that you do not feel confused or upset about anything when using our tow truck


Customers also continue to come back to Northdale Towing Service because we provide fast response times when emergency situations occur.

Our goal is to arrive at the scene within 20 to 30 minutes to make sure that accidents are dealt with in the most effective way possible.

Woman pulling a car on a rope

Northdale Towing Service is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round to give you peace of mind when towing services are needed. We offer great rates and provide towing service at low hourly rates or through flat rate services for your convenience

All of our drivers are fully insured to operate any type of towing equipment legally on roads and highways in order to get you out of harm's way safely. Our fleet consists of state-of-the-art equipment on the road so that there are no problems when it comes to towing away your vehicle!

So if you have an emergency situation towing away your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us to go through what you need to know to restore order to the situation.

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