Northdale's Towing Truck Experts


Driving to work, dropping off the kids to school, doing errands- why do these things always happen to you? It all starts innocently enough. You're on your way to an important meeting. You're running late because of traffic and you made a bad decision to skip breakfast today. It's 8:45AM, so you pull into the nearest gas station to grab some caffeine and maybe something to eat.

As you walk back to your car after paying for your items, suddenly out of nowhere, WHAM! There goes that flat tire everybody has had at least once in their life. Oh no! Your day just got more complicated than it already was. Now what are you going to do? Will anybody even stop to help to change your flat tire?

Woman changing a flat car tire

What to do if I get a flat tire?

Don't give up hope just yet: Northdale Towing Service is here to save the day! With just one simple phone call to us, we'll send somebody to come to your location and fix that flat for you. There's no need to waste any more time than you already have to.

And, if the mobile mechanic can't get to you right away because of where they are in their current job or how busy they might be, then we'll dispatch another mechanic so that it doesn't take even longer for somebody to show up.

​We want our customers to feel taken care of from start to finish, whether it's a small repair or something bigger. That's why we also offer emergency roadside towing to get you to where you're going quickly and safely.

So, no matter what the issue is with your car, give Northdale Towing Service a call and we'll be there to help!

What To Expect From Us

- An experienced mechanic that knows exactly how to fix your flat tire in just one try

- The right equipment to do the job right the first time

- A reliable vehicle to use to tow your broken down car to our shop or wherever else you need to go, if necessary

If you have any questions about our service, contact us today at (813) 733-5207. We look forward to being of service to you very soon!